How can I get on the waiting list?

All recognized Quebec daycares are registered with https://www.laplace0-5.com. Kindly visit this site, make a profile, and add our daycare as one of your choices.

How can I register for your daycare?

When a space becomes available, the coordinator will contact you via telephone or email to book an appointment. Registration is done in person at each location.

What qualifications do your educators have?

All staff hold a valid first aid certificate and police background check. Our qualified staff meet or exceed the standards set by the Ministère de la Famille regulations. Our qualified educators have completed one or more of the following: an attestation, DEC, university level degree in Early Childhood Education, or hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a related field. Our educators receive ongoing training through formal workshops and professional development days. Numerous resources are made available to staff.

What are your operating hours?

Each of our daycares is open for a minimum of eleven hours.  Please visit the individual location information for details.

How are meals prepared?

At les Garderies K.I.D.S. we are proud to use fresh ingredients, delivered weekly. All our meals are prepared by in-house cooks and follow the Canada Food Guide. Visit the Nutrition section for more details.

Do you offer an educational program?

At les Garderies K.I.D.S. we go beyond the curriculum requirements set out by the Ministère de la Famille. Our educational program includes Monthly Themes, Art Appreciation, Music Appreciation, Living Values Education, Pre-literacy, Science & Math, Ecosystems, and Physical Education. Our graduates are well prepared to enter public or private schools in English or French.

How are your daycares maintained?

Each location employs a cleaning staff that cleans and professionally disinfects the daycare on a daily basis. We are proud to note that each location is equipped with a hospital grade E-Mist sanitizer.

How do I know what my child does throughout the day?

Each K.I.D.S. Daycare location has adopted Planitou, a digital day book, which is updated every day by your child’s educator. It lets you know what your child ate, how they napped, the fun activities that they participated in, anecdotes about their day. and pictures. It also provides a space for parents to write messages to the educators.

Do you have a discipline policy?

At les Garderies K.I.D.S. we guide our children to make the right decisions. When needed we use the philosophy of explanation, redirection and reflection.

What if my child has a problem in the classroom?

Every child is unique. At les Garderies K.I.D.S. we work with children in areas that need improvement. Our staff learns the children’s individual needs in order to determine if behaviours are typical or atypical to each child.

How can I get involved?

We encourage parent participation at our in-house events. Parents and family members are welcome to come share their talents. During Family Literacy week we encourage family members to read to the children. We have special lunch activities, afternoon teas and performances.

Our Parent Committee is elected every year. This consultative body of parents contributes to the quality of life at the daycare.

How long has les Garderies K.I.D.S. been in operation?

We are proud to be providing quality care to children in and around Montreal since 1986.

What about special dietary needs?

Please discuss your child’s dietary restrictions or allergies with the coordinator of the daycare. We try to accommodate each child’s needs.

Who can I speak to about my child?

Our educators can answer your brief questions during drop off and pick up. In order to schedule a more in depth discussion, please speak with the coordinator.

Does les Garderies K.I.D.S. offer part time care?

Our K.I.D.S. Technoparc II & K.I.D.S. Pierrefonds II locations are pleased to offer part time care.

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